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about trottus

Trottus is an operating division of Daccos Technology Inc. This website is intended to be an industrial equivalent of a regular social media site.

All information collected at registration contains identifiable data about you, used when you make purchases from us (e.g. advertising, subscription, trade show participation, statistical data, etc.), when you register with us, when you set up a profile to be shared with others, when you connect with other users of, or when you log in to as a registered user and interact with products and services. Your information will be verified before confirming your registration. It is equally important and fair for all users to share real and honest information about your businesses, products and services. All abuses or dishonest information (as fake companies, inexistent products or services, false prices, etc.) must be reported and will be addressed accordingly.

Registering with and trading with honesty and responsibility is everybody's share to creating the new way of doing business.

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