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Camping in Alberta ~ Willmore Park, Edson

If you’re looking for a great place to go camping with the family, then you must check out Willmore Park near Edson! From Edmonton it’s only about a two hour drive, and well worth the trip.

It’s beautiful out here!

Willmore Park is a destination sought out by people who love to mountain bike because it has an incredible trail system, skills park and a flow track. When we went, I was still pretty banged up from my BMX incident, so I was a spectator for the weekend. Thankfully my sweet husband didn’t ditch me. 😉

If you plan on camping for your stay, be aware that it’s not a serviced campground. There are no hookups for water or sewer, and there are only outhouses. There are plenty of hydrants to get potable water, you just have to work for it a little. 💪🏼 One of the nice perks of this campground is the free firewood! Just don’t forget to bring an axe because you do need to split it yourself. 🪵🪓

Chopping wood for the campfire. 🪵

There are two parts to the campground, the main area and overflow. We stayed in the overflow and loved it, because it seemed quieter over there and our site we were in was secluded and we didn’t see any neighbors. There was plenty of room for us to spread out and have our tent far away from the fire pit and picnic table. One thing that I would recommend bringing is a large tarp to set up a shelter, because we had no rain in the forecast and then there was a surprise thunderstorm. ⛈

Our cozy little campsite. 🏕

We went a bit overboard and brought everything and the kitchen sink, but we could have done with way less. It was nice to have the gas stove ~ it made boiling water for coffee and doing dishes a breeze, and I made pancakes for everyone. Next time we may just bring a small jet boil… we’ll see. 😏

On the menu: giant pancakes! 🥞

Another recommendation I have is to prepare your proteins ahead of time and freeze them. I chopped up chicken breast, seasoned it, and made skewers. I also seasoned steaks and put them in the freezer. What I did was vacuum seal them so they did double duty keeping the other stuff in the coolers chilled. And let me tell you ~ they were sooooooo delicious!! 😋 Can we all agree that steak just tastes better when its cooked on the grill of a fire pit? 🤤🥩

There’s nothing tastier than steak cooked on an open firepit! 🥩

Even if you aren’t into biking, you can hike the trails, or just hang out at the river all day! One day it was so hot that the girls didn’t even want to ride, so we brought our chairs, floaties, snacks/lunch and drinks and hung out in the river. And I mean literally IN the river! Our girls would take the floatie up river and float back down ~ they had a blast! 🧜‍♀️

Hanging out in the river!
It’s much cooler to just get right in there! 😆

And as another perk, Edson is only a few kilometers away. When we stayed here, the mosquitoes were very, very bad and we didn’t prepare for that. Where we live we have mosquitoes, however it doesn’t come close to what we experienced there! So while hubby finished setting up camp on that first day, I ran into town to buy everything in the mosquito repellant category. 😉

A campfire is helpful in keeping mosquitoes away. Plus we had tons of citronella candles and mosquito coils.

This fall, after I’ve healed properly and it cools off a bit, we will be going back! I’m going to share some shots from the bike park so you know what I’m so excited about 👇

Ariana jumping
Aaliyah jumping

Besides biking, I absolutely love to hike. I mentioned earlier that Willmore Park is excellent for this, and there are plenty of trailheads that are accessible from all parts of the campground. There is one trial in particular that I wouldn’t let the girls bike down (yet) because it’s incredibly steep. A lot of people use this for hill training as well, which is what I will be doing once my hip and knee are back to normal. In the winter, it makes a great toboggan hill! 🛷

Check out the size of this hill!! What a great workout!
Just one of the many trailheads.
A baby deer! 🥰
This time of year there are so many wildflowers!
These lilies are everywhere!

Have you been here yet? I’d love to hear about your experience, or if you’re planning to go! Comment below, or find me on Instagram @RusticChickadee and share your thoughts!

Until next time…

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