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It’s Been a Minute…

Well, hello there! How has everyone been? As I write this, I’m sitting on my patio in the morning hours, with the hot summer sun sneaking in under our gazebo. I’m watching a gorgeous hummingbird enjoy our hanging flower baskets from the local greenhouse, and listening to the birds chirp. There’s even an angry robin following our cat around the yard, warning all of the other birds about this annoying jerk that likes to patiently wait by our bird feeders.

My Happy Place 🥰

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been, let me first start by saying that I’m going to have my DIY projects on hold for a bit. I have quite a few started and ready for the finishing touches, however I went and had a bit of a spill on our BMX track one night during a coaching session and banged myself up pretty good.

A sneak peek at an upcoming project of mine! A thrift store find - I’m so excited to get to work on this!

Don’t worry, I’m completely fine!! Here’s what happened: as far as I remember, the plan was to work on pumping that night. There was about five of us that went into the first corner, and the girl in front of me hit her brakes to avoid another rider, and went straight into my line. I hit my brakes because I didn’t want to hurt her, and went over my handlebars and finally skidded to a stop on the asphalt at the bottom of the corner. I hit pretty hard, and completely winded myself to the point that I could hardly breathe. And let me tell you – it hurt RIGHT AWAY! Lol. I felt so sick to my stomach, and was desperately trying to get my helmet off before I got sick in it. Everyone rushed to help me and sooner or later I caught my breath and was able to walk off the track. I fully planned to ride it off, however my left side was completely disagreeing with me on that one. 😉

So I sat in the office and my friends helped me get my gear off, and once my girls were done coaching we headed home. As a board member, I’m often one of the last people out of there because we have to close up, but that night I let everyone else handle it.

This was my shoulder about 10 minutes after it happened, there’s some swelling going on already.
😧 I don’t think it’s supposed to look like that!
No big deal?? 🫣

The next day, I put a pretty dress on and a nice silk scarf that I could use to hold my arm up and headed into the office and a large networking function at lunch time. I just so happened to get to work at the same time as my boss but couldn’t climb the stairs with as much ease as usual, and he noticed right away. I had some scrapes but nothing too obvious to those that didn’t know, and the soreness had not yet completley set in.

See, you can’t even tell! 😜

That afternoon, I decided I had better go get checked just in case so I headed to the hospital. Turns out that I separated my shoulder (AC separation for those that know what that is – a common sports injury), I pulled a muscle in my chest, my ribs were probably very bruised and maybe a bit cracked but there’s nothing you can do about that. I sprained my wrist, there’s still some weird bump on my elbow to this day, and there’s some bruising in my hip and knee. BUT – nothing is broken!! 🙌

Me at the Barrhead Hospital - they liked my scarf as a sling! 😛
🤨 Well, s#!t
The bruising was starting to set in.
Puppies help you forget the pain! 😍
An upgraded sling that a friend of mine lent me!
About two weeks in.

So, now I’m in physiotherapy and I’m starting to feel a lot better! Apparently it’s going to be about 4 weeks or so before I’m back to 100%, but I can handle that. I’m obviously off my BMX bike until then, although I’m hoping for some nice relaxed easy trail rides before then. Nothing too crazy. 😉 That said – I can NOT wait until I’m back on the track with my girls and all my friends!

Me with some of my BMX friends at a big race the Friday before the fall.

There is some silver lining to my crash:

  • Everyone crashes sooner or later, so it was bound to happen
  • Like I said before, nothing was ‘broken’ (I don’t think 😏)
  • Not that there’s a ’good’ time for this to happen, but I would much rather have this injury at the beginning of summer rather than later in the season or in the fall. Imagine having to put on base layers and long socks, and all of you winter gear? That’s a huge no thanks from me – I’ve been wearing nothing but skirts and dresses since this happened and that’s painful enough. 😛
  • I have a bump on my shoulder now, which sounds strange BUT I am now one of the cool kids! Lol. A ton of BMX riders have this and now I’m officially part of the club! 😜
I am so thankful for my gear! These are my tear resistant pants, and you can see they did their job because I skidded across the asphalt pretty hard. I was also wearing full Fox Racing armor underneath my jersey, so I saved my skin. And of course my gloves and helmet.

In the meantime, I’ve had some extra time to enjoy some books that I had put aside and think of some more projects that I’m going to create. If there is anything that you’d like to see, I’d love to hear about it! Comment below, or find me on Instagram @RusticChickadee and I’d love to connect!


Until next time! 💖

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