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The Greenhouse Tour ~ BG Greenhouse (Lac Ste. Anne County)

I adore greenhouses ~ there’s something calming about them that draws me in. I read somewhere that flowers make people happy so that probably has a lot to do with it.

This time around we stopped by this greenhouse called BG Greenhouse in Lac Ste. Anne County, located down dusty backroads with beautiful scenery. I believe the BG stands for Bison Grow ~ but don’t quote me on that. 😉

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I’m fully stocked for flowers this year. However ~ hear me out ~ I did locate a few more wire hanging baskets that we just got new liners for. They’re the big ones, 18-20” I believe, and I decided that the cone baskets at my driveway gate could be relocated to the shed.

The main doors to this place are really nice! This is where you’ll end up coming back through to pay for your flower orders. They have some neat decor in here, and this is where you’ll find the access to the greenhouses.

This is the entrance to the greenhouse ~ check out the door on the left. It’s absolutely gorgeous and gives me decorating ideas for home! 😍

As far as the selection at BG Greenhouse, I would say it’s very good. They have a lot of the common plants that you would expect to find, along with some vegetables and herbs. They have tons and tons of hanging baskets, and I brought one of these home with me as well. 

My newest hanging basket addition.
Check out the trees on the back wall!
A really nice seating area in the main entrance!
The greenhouse right off the entrance.
Check out all of the hanging baskets! 🤩
Love the little signs here!

Okay, I am absolutely IN LOVE with this feature! It’s made out of pallets and they did such a great job with it! 👏😍
Stay tuned for my future posts ~ we have plenty of pallets and I will show you how you can make cool stuff, too!

Such a pretty, happy looking little thing!

As usual, we had a pretty full schedule for this particular Sunday that we visited BG. We were able to go up to Barrhead again to visit Grandma and then we had a small amount of time before we had to leave for BMX, which gave me just enough time to put my new baskets together! (Actually, if I”m being completely honest, I would have been okay being a bit late because I was super excited about my new flowers! 😂)

Check out my creations! Once they’re hung up I’ll share a post on my Instagram stories so you can see them at their new home on my driveway. I’m aware this is not exactly the best pic for insta but I just can’t wait any longer to show them to you! 😁

So what do you think of BG Greenhouse? If you have been here, or plan on heading out, let me know by commenting below! I encourage you to go see it for yourself! 🦋

As always, I’m so grateful that you’ve stopped by and I hope you stay tuned for future posts! 🥰

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