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The Greenhouse Tour ~ De Herdt Gardens (Barrhead)

I never thought I’d say this, but Barrhead is now on my list of places to go back to on purpose! It’s this super cute little town about an hour northwest of Edmonton – the type of town you would see in TV shows (like Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls. Okay, maybe not that cute, but I’m trying to paint a picture here).

We happened to be visiting my Grandma who unexpectedly had to go to the hospital, and afterwards we decided to go check out this greenhouse that I had been to many years prior. I do remember this place to be really cool but nothing really stood out to me like it did this time.

This place has some of the coolest plants! Yes I spent too much money on stuff that perhaps I didn’t exactly need right now, but trust me I found room for everything!

Here are some pictures of the flowers that are now in their new home 👇 (I took these just after a rain & the colors are so vivid!)

That’s not even all of them! 😍 I had picked up most of my flowers for the season already and just needed a couple more to fill up containers, and I needed to go into my planter reserves to have enough room for everything. 😜

Check out the store:

This is at the entrance. Notice the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling? Plus all the flowery vines? What a nice touch!

Through the doors there’s a sitting area where I’m assuming you will be drinking the tastiest coffee north of Edmonton. To the left in the picture you can see some of their baked goods.

Here’s a view from the back of the cafe - if you zoom in you can see teacups hanging from the ceiling. I really love this place!
In this shot you can see a wagon wheel with decorations on it!
You can find lots of seeds so you can start your own plants, or you can just buy everything in their greenhouse.
Here’s another seating area that is located in the greenhouse section. Notice all the vines, and also the watering cans. What a great touch!
The only pic I took of the greenhouse ~ I wish I would have taken more!
Last but not least ~ the exterior. There were quite a few vehicles in the parking lot & more coming & going so I didn’t get the best picture of this, however the front of the building has so much character!

So there you have it! I’m sure the pictures speak for themselves ~ I do encourage you to go check it out for yourselves. You can make a day of it and see the rest of town. They have a skate park, swimming pool, golf course, and a ton of other amenities.

Have you been? I’d love to hear all about it ~ comment below!

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