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How to Make a Textured Canvas ~ With a Gradient Look

Welcome! I’m wanting to show you how I made a gorgeous textured canvas with a gradient look, and hope you can try this too! As always, if you make it I would absolutely love to see yours so send me a message or find me on my social media pages so I can see it!

The End Result, See below for the ‘how to’

This canvas was actually a custom order and I couldn’t wait to do it! And the best part is that it’s super simple, and for me I only used three paint colors if you can believe it. I have a pretty standard list of supplies that you’re going to need:

First you will want to prep your canvas if needed by giving it a coat of paint. Mine was already prepped so I got right to work with the texture. For this one, I used drywall mud but you can also use Gesso if you want. The thing with drywall mud is that it can crack if you’re not careful but I just love using it.

Make the design of your choosing ~ I went with a rounded look because I felt that the colors requested would look really pretty for the end result and I was right! Don’t be shy with your texture, slather it all over the canvas and you can always scrape up the excess afterwards. At this point, while it’s still wet, you need to make your design in here. Try a few different tools for this and find what works best for you. For the base coat I used my large icing spreader from my cake decorating kit and for the design I used a smaller palette knife that’s actually for the purpose of this. 😜

Now the hard part – you need to let this fully dry before you can start painting it. Don’t rush it. If you follow my blog then you already know that I’m always eager to get to my projects but I have ruined a few along the way by not waiting so please learn from my mistakes. One cure for this is to have several projects on the go at the same time so you have something to work on in the meantime.

I’m going a bit off track here for a minute, but as I write this I’m thinking about something my husband said to me about being a busy body. I seriously have a hard time sitting still and I am so committed to being purposeful with my time because we only get so much on this earth ~ so what I do is stretch myself too thin and burn out. Having this blog, creating art and meditating are all very important to me and that’s what I find to be relaxing. That said, and going back to my paragraph above, it’s not a bad thing to have several projects on the go if you’re anything like me because personally I find it very helpful to have something to do in the meantime while I wait what seems like forever for the texture to dry! 😉 Just so you know, drywall mud does dry faster than gesso.

Okay, now that you have waited the proper time and the texture is dry (at least overnight) you can start painting this! Get your desired colors and your paintbrushes out and put a small amount onto a surface, spread out a bit from each other so they don’t mix too soon. I started with white in one of the corners and then gradually mixed in pink so the color got more intense until I was using the straight from the bottle pink by about the middle of the canvas. At that point I started mixing in black a bit at a time until I was fully black on the opposite corner from where I started.

Start in one corner with the lighter part and then start gradually adding the dark colors in.

Now at this point it’s obvious that you need to let it dry again. I would again wait until the next day and work on another project in the meantime. Once it’s completely dry you can choose to put a finish on it. I did because I used a couple of different paint types and it was a bit uneven as far as the shine factor went, so I sprayed it afterward with a varnish and it turned out beautifully!! 😍

When spraying this on, light coats are the key! You don’t want runs after all your hard work.

So now your textured canvas is ready for delivery!! Great job ~ and again I want to know if you’ve tried this and I want to see yours! 🎨

Check it out on YouTube

And as always, I’m so full of gratitude for you stopping by my page! 🥰

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