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My Solution for Being Mentally Overwhelmed

Hello there… it’s been a few weeks since my last post on here and I’ve been missing blogging so much!! I’ve also started a vlog on YouTube which is a bit easier to post on but I miss the writing and creative outlet that this gives me. 

As the title says, I’ve been mentally burnt out lately because of so, so many things going on and being pulled in too many different directions. At work (I’m a Commercial Account Manager for an insurance brokerage) we’ve had some people away on vacation so we’ve been having extra projects to work on, plus my book of business is a little on the hectic side in the first place. So I was putting in long hours and neglecting my family and myself which was already taking its toll. Add to that, I’m on the board of our BMX club which requires some time (not a lot yet because it’s our off season, but stuff to get ready behind the scenes) and I’m in a leadership course at work which is to be done on my own time. Our family also has plans almost every weekend with our friends at the ski hill which TRUST ME I LOVE THIS but it’s still a commitment. For the last two months my husband Nico has been in school and I wanted to support him so I was the primary breadwinner plus I wanted to make sure that all of the household responsibilities did not go to him so anything house or kid related came to me. We also own our own company and tax season is coming up and we are trying to gather everything for that. So anyway, my mental health was taking a nose dive and I just needed five minutes to myself. 

One of my favorite winter activities is cross country skiing, so one day after a perfect snowfall, I loaded my ski gear into my car and after work I took two hours to myself and went skiing along the trails of the Sturgeon River and Riverlot 56 in St. Albert. It was absolutely perfect – the weather was nice and cool but not cold, the tracks were set, and the snow was ideal for the activity. 

XC Skiing ~ St. Albert

When I was done, I was instantly in a new frame of mind just because of that two hours that I had taken for myself OUTSIDE where I thrive and of course being active. Since it was a Friday, my family reaped the benefits of my newly refreshed mental health (I wasn’t as annoyed over the small things anymore, for example leaving their shoes in the middle of the floor where everyone walks for the millionth time!!! Lol). We had gone skiing the next day with our friends and my bestie Lara and I had the best time together, laughing until we were crying about almost everything. It was amazing what that simple little outing did for my soul. 

The following week at work I was also still refreshed, but this was also helped by knowing that I had the following week off for a ski trip in the mountains. And let me tell you about my week at work: it was probably one of my busiest weeks that I have ever had so far, because of some big renewal files coming up and then I wrote more new business in one day than I had the entire year so far. And when we leave the office for an extended period of time we need to not only be caught up on our existing work – we also need to have nothing outstanding while we’re away. It’s’ a ton of work even without all of that new business. But, I had a new frame of mind. Because of that time I had taken for myself. Isn’t that crazy?? 

So fast forward to my vacation – I’m sure you can all relate to how exhilarating it is to know that you’re free from almost all of your responsibilities for a while and you just get to do what you want, when you want, with the people you love. 

That entire week I didn’t lose a single minute of sleep or wake up thinking about my files. You know the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life”? Well, I think it’s true as much as I don’t particularly care for the saying. 

I’m going to leave it here and let the pictures speak for themselves. They will 100% explain why I have a new outlook on life and why I’m ready to take on anything! Enjoy! ❤️

Skiing with Nico!
My oldest daughter, ready to head down a mountain
Skiing in Banff.
Stopping for Lunch
Insert eye roll here, lol
Sunshine Village ~ Banff
A view along the river while hiking in Banff.
Banff, Alberta
Hiking in Banff with my little goofballs! ❤️

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