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Try New Things: Downhill Skiing!

Lake Louise Ski Resort from a few years ago - trying to learn how to ski. The day we went there, it was a balmy -32 degrees all day! But it was sunny, and we bundled up and had a great time!

Do you consider yourself to be adventurous? Do you like trying new things? 

I probably fall into this category to some degree, although when it comes to skydiving or bungee jumping NO THANK YOU! But skiing, riding BMX, mountain biking and other ‘safe’ things to do? Heck YES! Bring it on!! Sure you can break some bones, but I think it’s healthy to learn new skills. Plus I’m pretty sure if you say no to new things you’ll get old before your time (I really doubt that’s true, but it helps me justify my adventures, lol). 

So when it comes to downhill skiing, I had never gone before I was married and had kids. It was always something I wanted to try because it looked like so much fun, and I assumed I would be a pro in no time. 😉 Well, that turned out to be very far from reality. A few years ago (my FIRST time on downhill skis) my husband Nico and I took our girls to Lake Louise. We bought our lift tickets and signed the girls up for full day lessons on the bunny hill. Naturally I started on the bunny hill but it wasn’t long before I figured I had it nailed and talked Nico into taking me up the chair lift. I didn’t have the most graceful exit from this – I fell but it didn’t hurt so I was undeterred. And I was halfway up a mountain so even if I was scared it wouldn’t have mattered because there was only one way down. 🙂 And down I went!! Have you heard the term Yard Sale? That was me. Like, so so many yard sales on that damn mountain!! FYI Yard Sale means you wiped out hard and lost your gear: skis/board, poles, etc. And I don’t know if Nico was worried about me or frustrated (he’s a skier and he’s good at it) but I ended up telling him to leave me on the green run we were on so he could go find black diamonds or whatever it is those ski people do. 😉 I may or may not have cried, lol. Don’t judge. Long story short, I finally made it back to the bunny hill, unbroken, and I spent the rest of the day there. And not to brag, but I became really, really great on the bunny hill! 

So fast forward to the fall of 2021 and I still have not mastered this skill. Because I didn’t go again, ever. So what did I do? I bought season passes for the whole family including rentals for a local ski resort! This. Was. Happening. I was absolutely determined to teach myself how to ski.

Rabbit Hill Ski Resort - a view from the top of the bunny hill.
If you get here nice and early you will have most of the hill to yourself - a perk for new skiers! It’s also a perk for other people on the hill since you have less people to run into. 😉

The hill where we go is located near Devon along the North Saskatchewan river and it’s not overly intimidating. They have a bunny hill, and a couple of green, blue and black runs. Well so I’ve heard, I’m still on the greens. And there is a t-bar and a chair lift, which I’ve finally been able to exit gracefully from. 😉 Our first time out there was on New Years Day, and my best friend who has all the patience in the world taught me some skills and stayed on the bunny hill with me. My oldest daughter Aaliyah had been a few times already on various occasions and she’s a natural, so she was off with Nico in no time. My younger daughter Ariana, on the other hand, is a little more like her mama. She knows exactly what a yard sale is, and showed me several times. I laughed so hard at her falling I almost peed myself!! (She was okay and laughing too, btw). There are advantages to falling, because you learn how to get up quickly before too many people see you. One thing that I learned about falling is that I really, really need to focus more on core exercises! 😉 Lol. Bestie was there to help me up and then take me up the chair lift once I was finally comfortable leaving the bunny hill. .

One of my girls with their friends headed up the chair lift!
The t-bar. DO NOT SIT DOWN. Thankfully I did not find this out the hard way.

Fun fact, my bestie accidentally took me down a blue run immediately and I only fell once and only lost one ski, which I retrieved fairly quickly. This particular blue run was located right under the chair lift so I consider the silver lining to be that I was providing entertainment to those headed up! At the time that I’m writing this post, I still have not been down a blue run but I know it’s going to happen soon! Probably. 

One of Ariana’s falls on the bunny hill! I know it sounds mean, but I laughed so hard every time! (She was laughing too, I’m not a terrible mom)

Here are my personal tips for learning how to ski (or teaching yourself how to ski): 

 The whole point of this post is to encourage people to not be afraid of trying new things, even if you are married and have kids and have never done it before – who cares?! You only live once and you might as well make the most of it, am I right? 

So what do you think?? Are you going to try something new, or have you in the past? I’d love to hear about it, so please drop your comments below! 🙂  

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