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21 Days to my New Habit: Part 2 of 3 – How it’s going

Badass Habits by Jen Sincero - I can't put it down!

I hope you’re following along after reading Part 1 of 3 – here’s an update so you know how my habit building is going! This is my continuation on my habit building and I’ll share my progress from Days 8 – 14.

Day 8: 15 minutes on the rower at 6:10am. I had another interrupted sleep for no good reason, other than it was just one of those nights so I must admit that it wasn’t the best feeling to have to wake up again so early BUT I DID IT AND I AM SO HAPPY! The thing about getting over yourself and doing it anyway is that the feeling of being proud of yourself lasts all day long. Again, I had a nice cool shower before work and it was a great way to start my day.

Day 9: I feel like I’m getting predictable here: Alarm 6:10 am. No snooze. Ever. Got onto my rowing machine (as I mentioned in my previous post I make sure that I have everything ready the night before: all of my workout clothes, water bottle, air pods and a podcast loaded, and of course my shoes) and I rowed again for 15 minutes, with my resistance level set at 6. I think I’m actually getting used to this now!

The rowing machine is a great way to get a full body workout. I've read that it activates about 84% of your total muscles!

Day 10: Today ended up being a work from home day, but it’s become a habit now to have my alarm set for the same time and so I got up and did my 15 minutes on the rower. It felt great and I had some extra time this morning to do some other activities before work what I normally wouldn’t have had time for.

Day 11: Aaahhh, the weekend. Saturday mornings are made for sleeping in and lazing the day away. WRONG!!!! I got my butt out of bed and the family and I headed out early to go to our local ski hill. By local I mean it’s an hour away and we like to get there early because it can get busy. We spent a few hours downhill skiing today.

Day 12: Another downhill ski day! You know, I’m actually really feeling the benefits of the rowing machine already! I just noticed it today – I’m a new skier and I’m trying teach myself how not to fall, and I have to admit that the exercising I’ve been doing has been a huge help! That’s some motivation to keep going!

Day 13: Repeat of my morning routine: wake up early and row for 15 minutes before work.

Next up: My final 7 days of my Habit Building! See you in the next post! 🙂

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