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21 Days to my New Habit: Part 1 of 3 – Getting Started

I’m currently in the process of building a new habit with the help of this spectacular book called “Badass Habits” by Jen Sincero. You gotta check this book out if you are wanting to start something or stop something. For me, I’m wanting to start making exercise for at least 15 minutes a day a habit rather than something that I try and fit into my schedule a few times a week. For you maybe it’s something similar, or perhaps you’re wanting to quit something? Maybe you’re a smoker and you want to kick the habit, or you lean towards negative thinking and you’d like to start seeing the silver lining instead. Or maybe you have a nasty habit of putting salt on everything and you want to stop doing that so you blood pressure returns to normal! (wink wink, nudge nudge to my brother). Whatever it is, this book is going to provide you with the tools to reach your goal(s).

Look for this book. You will also need a notebook with it because she makes you do some homework! And yes I stole the bookmark from my child - don't judge me!

I’m not going to get overly into the book review other than to let you know that you will not regret this read. My husband gave me the book for Christmas and I couldn’t put it down! Apparently there are a bunch of “Badass” books, which I will definitely be checking out.

My schedule is often pretty jam packed: My ‘have to’ activities include my full time job with a commute of about 35 minutes each way on a good day (it’s winter in Canada at the time that I’m writing this and the roads can get pretty bad!), and I have leadership courses and books to read for work which needs to be on my own time. Plus I just found out that I’ve been selected to take part in a special program offered by my employers (this is focusing on goals, both personal and professional, sales skills, I’m not sure what else yet. It’s really exciting though!) and in addition to that I’m also the Vice President of our local BMX club which comes with its own responsibilities. I am also a Career Ambassador for the Insurance Industry and that requires some extra time as well. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my career and my position on the board but it does take up a lot of time. Since health is also a priority I really should include exercise on this list because I need to be healthy to do everything that I want to do. BUT, like a lot of people, I let other stuff get in the way and therefore this book was very much needed!

The habit that I am building for myself is to exercise for at least 15 minutes every day. In fact my mantra for this is “I’m happy and healthy, and I exercise every day!” And to get this done I need to fit it into my schedule every day in some way or another. I have a pretty well equipped home gym so this shouldn’t be hard… right?? 😉

My home gym. I have everything that I need in here for success!

So here is how the habit building is going so far:

Day 1: I didn’t have the greatest sleep last night but I had my alarm set for 6:10am and I don’t hit snooze. Ever. (Usually I would wake up at 6:25 on days that I have to drive to the office). I hopped onto the rowing machine and set the resistance level at 3. I had to repeat my mantra quite a bit: “I’m happy and healthy and I exercise every day!” Because at this point I needed to convince myself. Lol. I have to admit, waking up earlier to work out like that sucked but I felt amazing afterwards!! And as a huge bonus, I was pretty heated up and I had a cool shower! (If you haven’t already heard, there are so many benefits to having a cold shower – google it!!).

FYI in the morning I was contemplating switching my workout to after work, and it’s a good thing I didn’t because plans changed and I had an unplanned pickup – one of my girls went to a friends house and I wouldn’t have had time. 

Day 2: Woke up at 6:10am again, hopped onto the rower. Part of my new habit includes making sure everything is ready beforehand, so I had all of my clothes, shoes, water bottle all set. My airpods and a podcast from one of my favorites was also waiting for me. No excuses!! And since I’m not crazy about walking across our yard in the dark when it’s minus a billion degrees (remember – I live in Canada and it’s winter!) I set up a space in a little flex area that we have in our house. The girls’ Barbie dream house and all related toys got kicked out. They don’t play with them anymore, anyway. 🙂 

There’s a perfectly sized space in our house that nicely fits my rower

Day 3: Rowed 15 minutes, resistance level 4. Yes, I’m moving up in the world. 😉 My husband is so cute – since he is the one that bought me the book he’s taking credit for my healthy new behaviors! 

Days 5: Went downhill skiing all day with friends. 

Day 6: Rowed for 20 minutes, resistance level 5 now. 

Day 7: Back to work in the office today, and I remembered how much it sucks to wake up early after 3 days off (Christmas/New Years time and we had some days off). I did turn the resistance level up to 6 and rowed for 15 minutes. 

Okay, I’m going to leave it here for now – watch for my next post to see how the next 7 days goes!! 

See you soon! 

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