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Hi There! I am so happy you landed on my page!

I hope you’re going to stay a while and check back often for updated content! This is a lifestyle blog where I’m going to be sharing a bit about everything from health and wellness, mental wellbeing, anything to support local. Here are some examples of what is to come:

  • – Hiking essentials: What to bring for a fun and successful day of hiking!
  • – I’m always trying new challenges and programs, stick around and see what I think of them! Mainly things like exercise challenges, meditation, goal setting, healthy eating. I feel like I have a bit of extra junk-in-the-trunk so… you know… I’m always working on keeping myself healthy and happy!
  • – Parenting – I have tweenagers so there will be lots of great stories on here, I’m sure! 🙂
  • – Relationship ‘stuff’… I don’t know, let’s see what I have to say about this. My husband is super supportive of all of my adventures and he always has my back.
  • – I’ll probably share the occasional healthy recipes. I’m mainly into organic, whole foods but then I’m like BRING ME ICE CREAM AND NO I DON’T WANT TO SHARE! Mom struggles, I guess?? 😉
  • – Of course there’s going to be lots about local hiking, biking and anything outdoors.
  • – I’m a huge fan of DIY crafts and I love to make my own signs. I used to do custom orders but life is crazy hectic these days so I have really backed off that. I will still be doing lots of this and I will also share some how-to instructions and eventually I’ll have more on YouTube. 
  • – I’m kind of a dork and I read a lot of self help and improvement types of books – stuff like time management, habit building (or breaking), leadership development. I can go on. For the books that I find especially helpful I’ll share my thoughts.
  • – Positive thinking and optimism are my foundation, so I can tell you now that you won’t find anything negative on here!

So now that you have an idea of what to expect, I look forward to sharing with you and I can’t wait to get started!!

What would you like to see me write about? Please let me know by entering your comments in the “Leave a Reply” section below. 🙂 

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Angela van Leeuwen

Angela van Leeuwen

Welcome, thanks for checking out my lifestyle blog! I’m an outdoor lover who can’t sit still - stick around and join me on my adventures!

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